Cream Solder Printer Developed from Sony's Production Site

SI-P850 offers high-precision printing and supports the PWB sizes, ranging from M-size to L-size. It is a highly cost-effective machine that achieves high versatility at a low price.

Environmentally Friendly Cloth Cleaning

The cleaning performance has been improved by realizing a hand-wiping motion applying ergonomics. We focused on cleaning, which is an essential factor affecting the printing quality, and achieved high-quality printing.

·         Printing repeatability:±20μm

·         Cycle time:10sec+printing time

·         Board size: Max 460mm x 410mm

·         Screen size :550mm x 650mm ~750mm×750mm

·         External dimensions:1,170(W)mm x 1,550(D)mm x 1,530(H)mm

SI- P850
清洗性能得到了提高,实现一个运用人体工程学的手抹的议案。我们专注于清洁,这是影响印刷质量的一个重要因素,并取得了高品质的印刷。 印刷重复性:±20μm