Further productivity and efficiency

The SI-G200 high-speed mounter, boasting a placement tact time of 0.08 seconds, is a two- head model inheriting the advantages of the cellular mounter, including high mounting precision, space-saving design, and low power consumption. The high-performance mounter responds to various operational needs by allowing a flexible combination of its replaceable "high-speed head" and "multifunction head" so as to best match the production line.

Top-class productivity per footprint

The two-head model uses one head for placement and the other head for pickup. It achieves a dramatically shorter pickup and placement rotation time by making the two mount heads operate simultaneously between the cassette and the PWB. The SI-G200 boasts top-class productivity, placing up to 45,000 components per hour (CPH)-a 70% improvement over the 25,900 CPH of Sony's SI-F130.

Economic mounting as previous model : Lowest power consumption compared to competition

While the CPH value is an important productivity factor, the running cost is equally important. Sony emphasizes energy efficiency in all of its products to minimize the running cost and environmental friendly. The SI-G200 is also extremely power-efficient.

SI-G200 High-speed head

·         Placement tact time:0.08sec/2 heads/movable(45,000CPH)

·         Placement precision:45μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)

·         Component size ranges:0402 up to a 12mm square(movable camera), 6mm to 25mm square(fixed camera)

·         Component height:6mm

SI-G200 Multifunction head

·         Placement tact time:0.16sec/2 heads(22,500CPH)

·         Placement precision:50μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)(individual recognition), 60μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)(collective recognition)

·         Component size ranges:1005 chip to 100mm x 50mm

SI - G200
两个头模型使用一个头,用于安置和皮卡的另一头。它实现了显着缩短两个贴装头同时工作之间的录像带和工作计划和预算的皮卡和布局旋转时间。 SI - G200拥有一流的生产力,配售高达每小时45000组件(CPH)的超过索尼的SI- F13025900 CPH70%改善。
虽然CPH值是一个重要的生产力因素,运行成本也同样重要。索尼强调在其所有产品的能源效率,减少运行成本和环保。 SI - G200也是超节能。
SI - G200
•放置节拍时间:0.08sec/2/移动(45000 CPH

SI - G200
•放置节拍时间:0.16sec/ 2头(22,500 CPH
•元件尺寸范围:1005芯片为100mm x 50毫米