High-Precision Mounting

Both the fixed-position and moving cameras contribute to achieving high-precision mounting. This enables the cellular mounter to easily respond to smaller PWBs and higher-density mounting requirements, such as handling BGA/CSP mounting with a finer grid pitch.

Supporting Wider Range of Parts

The cellular mounter can be used to process products ranging from microchip parts to large connectors. Despite its compact size, its feeder units are designed to accommodate up to 40 cassettes (front) and 80 trays (rear), making it possible for a single machine to mount high-density PWBs.

Pursuing Space-Saving Design and Operability

The cellular mounter is only 1.2 m wide, while supporting a PWB size as large as 460 mm × 360 mm. It offers the highest level of space efficiency.

·         Placement tact time: 7,350CPH(0.49sec/movable camera)2,500CPH(1.4sec/fixed camera)

·         Placement precision: ±0.06mm (chip)

·         Component size: 2012-□32mm(movable camera/reflective imaging)/2012-□19mm(movable camera/transmissive imaging) 2012-□18mm (fixed camera/reflective imaging) □18-□43mm(fixed camera/reflective imaging,medium view range,batch) -φ150mm(fixed camera reflective, medium, large view range, division into 4)

·         thickness:Max.25mm

·         External dimentions: 1,220(W)mm x 1,700(D)mm x 1,524(H)mm

固定的位置和移动摄像机,有助于实现高精确度安装。这使得细胞贴片,轻松应对规模较小的印刷电路板和高密度安装的要求,如处理与更精细的网格间距安装的BGA / CSP,。
蜂窝贴片机仅宽1.2米,同时支持印刷电路板尺寸为460毫米×360毫米的大。它提供了空间效率的最高水平。 放置节拍时间:7350 CPH0.49sec/movable摄像头)2,500 CPH1.4sec/fixed相机)
•元件尺寸:2012 - 32毫米(动产相机/反射成像)/2012 - 19毫米(移动相机/透射成像)2012 - 18毫米(固定摄像机/反射成像)□18 - 43毫米(固定摄像机/反射成像,中等角度范围,批次),φ150mm(固定反光相机,中型,大型的角度范围,划分成4