行星头实现了25900 CPH
SI- F130AI
这个星球头提供不仅反光部分的认可,但传动部分识别以及。这两种识别模式,使细胞贴片机处理范围更广的部分,确保你的能力,以适应更多样化的零件尺寸和高密度安装。 放置节拍时间:25,000 CPH





Planet head realizes 25,900 CPH

Equipped with a Planet Head or a patented rotary head incorporating a new overlap function, The SI-F130AI achieves even higher mounting speed. As the head rotates freely in two directions, the sequences for part pickup and mounting can be set automatically and optimally, minimizing effective tact time. Additionally, the use of fully closed servo control ensures the highest level of precision.

Equipped with rotary head "Planet head".

New mechanism that drastically extends the maintenance intervals. High rigidity is also achieved by this new mechanism. In addition, newly optimized sequence guarantees a high level of accuracy.

Photo reflective/transmission part recognition

The Planet Head offers not only reflective part recognition, but transmission part recognition as well. These two recognition modes enable a cellular mounter to handle a wider range of parts, assuring you the capability to accommodate more diverse part sizes and high-density mounting.

·         Placement tact time:25,000CPH

·         Placement precision:50μm(Cpk 1.0 or greater)

·         Component size ranges:0402(chip) up to a 12mm square(movable camera), 6mm to 25mm square(fixed camera/option)

·         Component height:6mm

·         Demension:1,220(W)mm x 1,400(D)mm x 1,434(H)mm